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Squeeze in an At-Home Workout with These Fitness-Focused YouTube Channels

Squeeze in an At-Home Workout with These Fitness-Focused YouTube Channels

We all know Youtube is great for killing time (hello, 3 am makeup tutorial rabbit hole), but it turns out it can save you a lot, too. Need to feel the burn before work but don’t have time to make it to the gym? These Youtube channels will help you make the calorie-burning most of your wild schedule.

FitnessBlender is made up of husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli, who use their degrees in nutrition, psychology, and sociology to help everyone access quality fitness training without paying a gym fee. Search their videos based on how much time you have to get the best bang for your (imaginary) buck.

Cassey Ho is the brain, and super peppy voice, behind Blogilates. Her cheerful style and super encouraging commentary keep you motivated to all the way through her short-but-intense pilates-based workout vids. She even has a whole series dedicated to apartment-friendly exercises.

XHIT Daily are perfect for the “a-few-minutes-a-day” crowd, especially if you’re looking for legs like Jennifer Lawrence or a butt like Beyonce. Just make sure you have a quick shower nearby before you need to be presentable.

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Most of the content on POPSUGAR is designed to make you feel good, so it makes sense that their fitness Youtube channel will too. Their 20-minute workout playlist makes sure you’re putting in the #work without missing meetings.

The Fitness Marshall is the go-to channel for commercial-free dance workouts, so you can groove along to your favorite pop, hip-hop, and r&b crooners. Feeling stressed before a big week but no time to spend on hot yoga-inspired perspiration? Dance it out to Pony instead.

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